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За период 2000−2017 гг. доля сектора высшего образования в общем объеме внутренних затрат на исследования и разработки увеличилась с 4,5% до 9%...
Внутренние затраты на исследования и разработки в секторе высшего образования в 2017 г. достигли 91,9 млрд руб....

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Resource Provision for Science: problems and solutions

Resource Provision for Science: problems and solutions

[L.E. Mindeli, C.I. Chernych et al.]. – Moscow: Institute for the Study of Science of RAS, 2019. – 160 p. – ISBN 978-5-91294-132-0.

The book deals with the problems related to resource provision for the Russian Science under the contemporary conditions of scientific and technological development of the country. The study is carried out in the context of subjects, methods and objects of resource provision. The authors provide the analysis of modern trends in science and innovation such as organizational, human, material and financial aspects. They touch upon the issues of national security, strategic planning, and the encouragement of domestic business to more active participation in the resource support of R&D. The authors also provide their recommendations to improve the system of resource provision for R&D. The book analysis relies on the official documents: the Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, the Federal Laws, the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation, and other documents of strategic planning.
The publication is addressed to government officials, researchers, S&T managers, and wide audience.


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