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The Institute for the Study of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISS RAS) is a public research organization, established as the Centre for Science Development Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CSDS RAS) in 2005 and renamed into ISS RAS in 2008.

The core of ISS research team is composed of the researchers experienced in studies of modern economic and statistical trends in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Russia and other countries of the world.

Being a leading academic organisation, ISS carries out basic and applied research aimed at the studies of problems and perspectives of development of Science, Technology, Innovation and Education. On the grounds of the studies, ISS makes reports and publications and prepares analytical information for the Presidium of RAS and the public bodies of the Russian Federation.

To achieve its goals, ISS RAS:

  • works out recommendations on the perfection of mechanisms of formation and implementation of the government STI policy including the policy of priorities of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation;
  • carries out research on methodology, evaluation and forecasting in STI, develops the system of indicators of Science, Technology, Innovation and Education on the base of the best domestic and foreign practices;
  • provides analytical and statistical background for STI monitoring;
  • develops and keeps databases containing statistical information about the Russian scientific, technological and innovation potential;
  • participates in the expertise of legal texts, rules and regulations related to the activity of RAS and the Presidium of RAS;
  • prepares and publishes analytical and statistical information on the problems of STI policy for the top administration of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the interested public authorities;
  • cooperates with Russian and foreign research organisations in the domain of ISS profile.

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