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Levan Mindeli (03.10.1939 – 04.11.2019): ISS RAS Founder (2005), Director (2005 – 2016), Scientific Director (2016 – 2019), RAS Corr. Member, Professor, Doctor in Economics, Professor

Vladimir Zavarukhin - ISS RAS Director (Candidate in Economics)
Alexander Kosoy - Deputy Director for General Issues

Accounting Department
Irina Orlova - Chief Accountant
Irina Timoshina - Deputy Chief Accountant
Alla Zaharova - Senior Accountant

Administrative and Economic Support
Tatiana Bezdetnova - Chief Economist
Elena Filatova - Chief HR Specialist
Liudmila Pipiya - Adviser to the Director on Research and Administrative Issues, Candidate of Sciences in Economics
Tatiana Smirnova - Advisor on Law (Candidate in Law)
Natalia Pashinceva - Advisor on Finance and Management
Vyacheslav Fetisov - Advisor on Legislation in Science and Technology
Tatiana Varganova - Сhief Specialist for S&T Policy
Alexey Luzghin - Contract Manager
Irina Kotova - Director's Assistant

General Service Department
Alexander Kozlov - Technician for Maintenance and Renovation
Semen Dymant - Equipment Engineer
Sergey Mikhailov - Driver

IT Support
Vladimir Shashkov - Head of Sector
Igor Petrushko - Network device administration specialist
Anastasia Barashkova – Senior Specialist in STI

Research Staff
Sergey Chernykh - Head of Sector (Doctor in Economics)
Vera Chistjakova - Leading Research Fellow (Candidate in Economics)
Veronika Dorogokupets - Research Fellow
Nadezhda Gaponenko - Head of Department (Doctor in Economics)
Anna Gornostaeva - Specialist in STI
Svetlana Inozemtseva - Senior Research Fellow
Olga Ivanova - Research Fellow
Liudmila Kleeva - Head of Sector (Doctor in Economics)
Oksana Koshkareva - Research Fellow
Sergey Kulaghin - Chief Research Fellow (Doctor in Economics)
Elena Luschekina - Senior Research Fellow
Olga Osipova - Research Fellow
Sergey Ostapyuk - Leading Research Fellow (Doctor in Economics)
Olga Solomentseva - Senior Research Fellow
Marina Solopova - Research Fellow
Vladimir Vasin (14.01.1960 - 10.09.2020) - Leading Research Fellow (Candidate in Economics)
Ivan Vorobiev - Senior Research Fellow (Candidate in Economics)
Natalia Shashkova - Senior Research Fellow
Elena Uryupina - Senior Specialist in STI

Besides the constant research staff, ISS co-operates with leading scientists and specialists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, state universities, federal and regional bodies. As experts and as researchers, they take part in the Institute's research projects.

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