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Scientific and Technological Potential of Russia. Vol. II

Scientific and Technological Potential of Russia. Vol. II

/ L.E. Mindeli, G.S. Khromov
Scientific and Technological Potential of Russia: in 2 Volumes – Moscow: ISS RAS, 2011. – ISBN 978-5-91294-044-6.
Vol. II. – 2012. – 280 p. – ISBN 978-5-91294-049-1.

The authors present their vision of the evolution of views on the social role of science in the 2nd half of the nineteenth century up to the present day. Volume II provides an analysis of S&T policy in the former USSR and the Russian Federation in the second half of XX century against the evolution of similar policies in the advanced countries. On the base of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the Russian S&T potential, the authors analyze its evolution in the 1990-2000-s and discuss its future prospects.

For policy makers, scientific community, and those interested in the history and role of science in the modern world, and specific features of the scientific and technological potential of the Russian Federation.

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