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Scientific Potential: Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

Scientific Potential: Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

Data Book / [Ed. L.E. Mindeli] / I. Zinovyeva, V. Markusova, L. Mindeli, L.Pipiya, O. Solomentseva. – Moscow: ISS RAS, 2012. – 107 p. – ISBN 978-5-91294-053-8.

The publication has been supported by RFH grant – Project No. 11-02-0399a.

The data book contains comparable statistical data on the state and dynamics of science, technology and innovation in the three neighbour countries – Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The publication also provides information on ICT, patent and publication activities. The data book is based on information of the International Statistical Committee of the CIS, national statistical committees of the countries (Belstat, Rosstat and Ukrgosstat), the national patent services, and the information platform «Web of Knowledge».
The book is addressed to researchers as well as wide audience.

Downloadable e-version of the book


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