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Basic Research in Russia

Basic Research in Russia

[L. Mindeli, L. Pipiya, T.Medvedeva et al.; ed. L. Pipiya]. – M.: ISS RAS, 2014. – 319 p. – 978-5-91294-072-9.

The monograph is based on materials of the research project supported by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation (the state contract No. 13.521.11.1022). For the first time, Russian basic research is presented and analyzed as a separate sector in the Russian S&T. The central component of this sector undoubtedly is the Russian Academy of Sciences. The authors did not limit their analysis to the description of the weight and role of academic basic research, but tried to present all facets of the basic research sector: resources (organizational, human, material, financial), mechanisms and schemes enabling the research process, science policy formation in the field of basic research.
The publication is addressed to scientists, university professors, graduate students and professionals involved in science, technology and innovation.

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