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Basic Research for the Modernization of Russian Economy

Basic Research for the Modernization of Russian Economy

L.E. Mindeli and T.Yu.. Medvedeva – Moscow: Institute for the Study of Science of RAS, 2016. – 267 p. – ISBN 978-5-91294-083-5

The book analyzes the performance of basic research in view of innovation economy development in the country. On the basis of a large set of facts, the authors assess how research organisations take part in the innovative activity. Projects, related to different stages of the innovation cycle (frontier basic research, oriented basic research and applied research), were taken into account as a background for the analysis.
The monograph presents both results of the survey, in which leading academy researchers took part, and assessment of the thematic directions of oriented basic research projects, supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The regional demand for R&D in order to meet economic and social challenges are taken in view when defining areas of possible applications of the R&D results.
The research is performed under the Programme of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences: “The study of the historical process of the S&T in Russia: Its place in the world scientific community, social and structural transformations. Fundamental problems of assessment of the status and prospects of Russian science”.
The book is addressed to researchers and professionals involved in S&T policy issues.

Downloadable e-version of the book (in Russian)


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