Kari Liuhto (Finland)
From Phileas Fogg to Yuri Gagarin: Reaching ‘the impossible’ is possible but it takes time and requires foreign cooperation

Tapani Ryhanen (Finland)
Development of Future Mobile Technologies and Services

Elena Lenchuk (Russia)
EU – Russia Programme ‘Partnership for Modernization’ and its role in technological upgrade of the Russian economy

Natalia Ivanova (Russia)
Tax incentives for innovations

Vladimir Ivanov (Russia)
The concept of competitiveness in the context of post-industrial society

Nikolay Komkov (Russia)
Innovation projects: the technology of formation and analysis

Sergey Balandin (Finland)
FRUCT experience of developing Finnish-Russian cooperation in the open innovations format

Erkki Kaukonen (Finland)
Promoting innovation in Russia: structural issues & challenges



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